Empowering Visionaries for Success

Dhan Capital is a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage companies that are building transformational businesses.

Our long-term support, backed by our operator experience, helps founders build impactful, world-changing businesses. With backgrounds as both current and former operators, we intimately grasp the trials and opportunities that founders encounter. We firmly believe that by aligning with founders and furnishing the vital resources and networks they require, we can propel them toward creating thriving, impactful businesses that shape a better world.

Meet our team

Seed to Series A+
Team is from YCombinator and Wharton
A diverse background of successful entrepreneurs, operators, and investors
Rupika Brito
Managing Partner
Rupika Brito currently works in corporate ventures for Blockstream, a unicorn Bitcoin infrastructure start-up. Previously, she was an investment banker in BofA’s Financial Sponsors group and managed a search fund specializing in investing in distressed commercial real estate. She has earned an MBA from the Wharton School, a JD from the University of Southern California, and a BA from the University of California, San Diego.
Rahul Sharma
General Partner
Rahul Sharma is an experienced marketplace founder with recent exits via acquisition (Jobletics Inc.) and Reviving Mind (Y Combinator W22). He is also a former engineer at LinkedIn and Yelp. Rahul holds a BSEE from Cal Poly and an MSCS from NEU (LOA to start startups).

Current Portfolio

Why Choose Us?
Discover what sets us apart in the competitive world of venture capital. Our strong founder empathy, expansive network, diverse expertise, AI-powered precision, and competitive edge in funding rounds make us the ideal partner for visionary entrepreneurs.
Connect With Our Team

Strong founder goodwill given ability to sympathize with 0 to 1 challenges

Large network across YC, Techstars, Wharton, Stanford and other premier incubators

Diverse background positions us to have credence with founders, provide unparalleled support to our founders and diligence better

AI-powered process from deal sourcing to due diligence allows us to better evaluate more opportunities than our peers

Access to competitive rounds due to collaborative check size and strategic benefit to founders

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